Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – Why are the pens Made In the USA? Isn’t it cheaper to outsource from Asia?

A – Michael Pens LLC wants to showcase high quality American machining around the world in the luxury aluminum writing instruments while building an American brand.

Q – Will the FAT BOY™ pens accept Ballpoint, Roller Ball and other Gel Ink Refills?

A – Yes, all FAT BOY™ pens will accept the Parker ® Style Refill which is available from many different refill manufactures worldwide in Gels, Roller Balls and Ballpoints making your pen very versatile. Each FAT BOY™ comes stock with a genuine Parker ® Gel medium point, black ink refill but you can customize your pen by purchasing a Parker ® Gel or Parker ® Ballpoint Refill in fine, medium, broad points with blue, black, green or red inks. You can also choose from ALL the Parker ® Style Refill manufacturers that make Gels (i.e. Itoya Gels etc...), Capless Roller Balls (i.e. Schmidt’s SuperBowl Capless Roller Ball) or Ball-Points from your local pen shop or office superstore. A PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) Parker ® Style refill is also available that fits all FAT BOY™ pens.

Q – Why do the FAT BOY™ pens come stock with a genuine Parker ® Gel Ink Refill?

A – Genuine Parker ® Gel Ink Refills are of high quality and are from a very reputable company. If you’re not satisfied with the performance of your genuine Parker ® Gel Ink Refill you can call Parker at 1-800-237-8736 of which they may decide to replace it free of charge at their own discretion.

Q – Do FAT BOY™ pens come with a warranty or guarantee?

A – Yes, Michael's Pens LLC offers a 30-day money back guarantee return policy upon receipt of the items. With each pen being machined out of aluminum along with the high quality mechanisms, your FAT BOY™ should last a very long time. However over time, all the FAT BOY ™, Arcangelo, S-Model pens, if repetitively dropped on hard surfaces, will exhibit chips or dents, along with heavy push button use may wear out, of which is viewed as normal wear and tear.

Q - I've lost or damaged the aluminum nose tip, can I purchase replacement parts or get it fixed?

A - Yes, you may order a new Repair Kit under "HOME Repair Kits" (button at left) Or mail back your Gel pen with a $15 Check for All Repairs & Shipping: Email for Return Address

Q – How does the exclusive Arcangelo ™ Edition featuring a patented spiral grip work?

A – The patented spiral grip allows the thumb and fingertips to fall into the grooves of the spiral which provides more surface contact to the fingertips. With more surface contact, the pressure of the grip does not need to be as great, thus giving you a more comfortable writing instrument to hold.

Q - What credit card security features does offer?

A – We employ Yahoo! Merchant Solutions which uses the industry-standard SSL encryption to transmit credit card information securely from the shopper to Yahoo! secure servers and back to Also for further safety, Yahoo! Merchant Solutions deletes all credit card information from their servers after 30-days. For more FAQ’s about Yahoo! Merchant Solutions visit

Q - Can I purchase replacement pen refills from Michael's Pens LLC?

A - Michael's Pens LLC has considered stocking refills but pen shops or office superstores offer a better value.

FAT BOY ™ Refill Instructions (Click to Enlarge for Viewing)
FAT BOY ™ Refill Instructions (Click to Enlarge for Viewing)

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